Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sermon Notes: Psalm 37

I.                    Don’t fret over the prosperity of the wicked.  V. 1-11
-Fret = get heated, burn w/anger. I.e. “don’t get so worked up” or “stay cool.” 
a.       Trust in the Lord. V. 3
-cultivate = graze, pasture
b.      Delight in the Lord. V. 4
-delight = take pleasure in
c.       Commit your way to the Lord. V. 5-6 
-commit = roll, roll away 
d.      Be still before the Lord.  V. 7
-rest = be still, be quiet
e.       Don’t become jealous or angry. V. 1, 8
f.        Wait patiently for the Lord’s vindication. V. 2, 9-11
II.                 The Lord will bring justice to the wicked.  V. 12-22
a.       The wicked devise evil plans, but the Lord laughs. V. 12-13
b.      The wicked attack the weak, but they will destroy themselves.  V. 14-15
c.       The wicked have much, but their wealth will be lost. V. 16-17
d.      The wicked will vanish like smoke, but the upright are protected. V. 18-20
e.       The wicked seek the land, but the upright will inherit it. V. 20
III.               The Lord blesses His beloved.  V. 23-33
a.       He holds us. V. 23-24
-I Pet. 5:7, Is. 26:3
b.      He provides for us.  V. 25-26
-Heb. 13:5, Ps. 118:6
c.       He keeps us. V. 28-29
IV.              Wait in the hope of the Lord’s deliverance.  V. 30-40
a.       Keep the Lord’s way while you wait.  V. 34,  31, 30, 27
b.      Know the wicked will receive justice.  V. 35-38
                        c.   Rest in the refuge of the Lord. V. 39-40
                        -strength = safety, hiding place
                        -refuge = shelter

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